Warranty and repair process

Refer to the product warranty process at Kangen KTB to understand that every product that comes to you is always cherished and cherished by us.

Note: At present, Enagic Japan does not have any centers for Kangen electrolysis machines in Vietnam – all repairs must go through Enagic’s Genuine Representative stores (Kangen KTB in Vietnam) to review. The condition will then be flown by a technician from Japan to carry out repairs. If the device is too damaged, the device will be returned to Japan for warranty.

Step 1

Customers in the city. HCM: Receive warranty products at 043 Nguyen Van Linh office, Phu My Hung, District 7

Customers outside the city. HCM: Receiving goods via car / courier / post …

Upon receipt of product warranty, we will conduct product status verification with customers and manufacturers.

Step 2

If the product is slightly damaged or damaged outside the electrode chamber: – The product will be repaired and warranted by the technicians trained in Japan by the company right in Vietnam.

If the product is damaged, malfunctioning in features or not working: – The product will be repaired by an employee from Enagic Japan to Vietnam.

If the product is seriously damaged or damaged inside the electrode chamber: – The product will be shipped to Enagic Japan for warranty service.

Step 3

Notice to customers the estimated time of warranty

Support customers with continuous drinking water by installing Kangen SD501 in your home while your device is under warranty.

Step 4

Get back products from the manufacturing unit – Check the status – Record status after warranty

Step 5

Notify customers to pick up products or return them via car / courier / post office ..

This repair and warranty process is only for customers who buy the device through Enagic’s Genuine Representative Store (Kangen KTB in Vietnam). For customers who buy the device by hand or at other stores, Kangen KTB reserves the right to charge for warranty and care.

  1. Receiving product warranty
  2. Return to the manufacturer
  3. Notice the warranty period
  4. Get back the warranty from the company
  5. Refund customers

Warranty process genuine Kangen electrolysis machine in Vietnam