Product delivery policy

Subject of application

All customers who buy products directly at the store or on the website Kangen KTB Vietnam ( have demand for direct delivery at home.

Scope of application

  1. Free shipping

– Free delivery in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Shipping costs incurred

– Please pay for the return and shipping costs and shipping costs (if any).

  1. Delivery time

Normal orders of the day (without price offer) within 20Km: will be processed and delivered within the day or according to your specific requirements.

Orders purchased at regular prices (without price incentives), before 19:00 within 20Km: Will be processed orders and deliveries in the evening of the same day or according to your specific request time.

Orders purchased at regular prices (without price incentives), after 19:00: will be served the next day or depending on the situation of Kangen KTB Vietnam delivery staff at the time of ordering.

– In some objective cases, Kangen KTB Vietnam can deliver goods late due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, damaged vehicles on the delivery road, too much trouble. production process.

– In the meantime, you have any questions about shipping information, please contact the customer service center of Kangen KTB Vietnam to receive assistance.

  1. Packed away delivery

For orders delivered far away via outsourced transport services, to keep your goods safe, Kangen KTB Vietnam will pack the goods in specialized larger packages or boxes. .

  1. Freight far away

– Shipping cost: Calculated based on the weight of the goods or converted weight from Size (for bulky goods), wood packaging costs, distance of delivery

How to calculate Weight Converted from Dimensions (for bulky goods – according to shipping industry precedents): Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000

– You can refer to Appendix Freight and Transport time targets according to the price of the supplier.

– If your order needs to be shipped by different shipments or have to be shipped multiple times, the cost of shipping your entire order will be charged one (01) times at the time of the first shipment.

  1. Responsibility for goods shipped

– If the shipping service is designated by Kangen KTB Vietnam, Kangen KTB Vietnam will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the transport of goods from Kangen KTB Vietnam to you

– You are responsible for checking the goods on delivery. When damaged, scratched, broken, deformed, or wrong goods are detected, sign the delivery status with the Delivery staff and notify Customer Service immediately.

– After you have signed the receipt of goods without notes or comments on the goods. Kangen KTB Vietnam is not responsible for the return and exchange requests for damage, scratches, breakage, distortion, wrong goods, … from customers later.

– If the shipping service is specified and selected by you, you will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the shipment from Kangen KTB Vietnam to customer. Customer will be responsible for costs and related losses.,

  1. Product installation services

– In addition to the free shipping policy during the process of installing the product at home, there will be some actual supplies incurred arising out of the norms, please pay the costs incurred.

Note :

– Kangen KTB Vietnam installation and delivery staff do not have adequate equipment and skills and have not been equipped with the necessary skills for construction services (electricity, water, drilling, assembling tables and chairs, vertical ladders, ..). Therefore, please outsource complete items, and necessary items and equipment before Kangen KTB Vietnam staff come to deliver and assemble.

Cases where customers self-install / install products: Customers will be solely responsible for installation / installation techniques as well as all risks, losses, damages related to products and people such as: falling causing damage to the product, falling causing danger to life …

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