Payment terms

Kangen KTB Vietnam applies 2 forms of payment to customers to choose from:

  1. Payment in cash

– Cash payment only applies to areas where we support free delivery or pay for purchases directly at the showrooms of the system

– You are responsible for paying the full value of the order to our Delivery staff or Sales and customer care staff upon completion of goods inspection and receipt of payment. You pay the correct amount on the invoice, if you have any questions you call us back for more specific information.

  1. Online payment via bank

– In case of payment by domestic card such as ATM, Visa card: We are currently cooperating with two partners providing domestic card payment services. To ensure safety, you should keep your phone on hand, payment information is not disclosed to third parties. If there are any errors leading to losses and complaints of cardholders, we will check against banks and service providers to take appropriate solutions. Please note that when paying by domestic card, you must register the phone number with the card issuing bank to receive a verification code using one (01) time (OTP onetime password).

– Transfer money, transfer, pay directly by cash or via card at our office

Money transfer / transfer: Applies to customers outside the region of free delivery support and customers who wish to use this payment method. The steps are as follows:

Visit the nearest bank to your residence to transfer / transfer according to the details we provide: Amount, Unit name, account number, Bank opening account, content of money transfer / transfer .

Notify us (by phone, email, SMS, fax, …) when you have made a money transfer or bank transfer.

Upon receipt of a “Yes” from the Bank, we will confirm with you and deliver goods to you within the specified time.

– We will not be responsible for errors in the transfer process or the transfer of wrong information, you must work with the bank to be settled, only when money is transferred to our account. We will confirm with you. In some situations, you can ask the bank that you conduct the transaction or use our bank to check the necessary control.

For questions about the Regulations on forms of payment at Kangen KTB Vietnam, please contact at:

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