Many requests has been send to Kangen Asia Store about cooperation to become Kangen water machines seller, but what you should consider before making final decision and how do you know you are taking to the right Enagic distributor?

Tip #01: Reseach about the distributor/company you want to connect

In Vietnam, it not so hard to find some address selling Enagic products but there are very rare of those are official partner of Enagic INC. KTB Vietnam (Kangen Asia Store) is one of three official warehouses of this popular ionized water machine. For more information, you can check this announcement which had been published by Enagic (Thailand branch).

Tip #02: Develop short term and long term plan

After spending enough time to discuss with yours sponsor and understand deeply the working process, make sure that both of you know about each personal plan, so that your sponsor can help you to develop your business effective as much as they can.

Tip #03: Keep updating information

The selling activities of Kangen water machines in Vietnam now is very diversity and can cause confusion to customers, so keep yourself posted all officially announcement or marketing information is a must to keep you and your client safe.

Tip #04: No rush

Every journey begin with a single step, enjoy and passionate your path of work. Try to understand your customer need and improve yourself every day because behind you, there are a millions of Enagic members are willing to support you.

Tip #05: Love, care and share

Enagic INC decided that Direct marketing system is the most effective method for distributors to spread out their love for Kangen water because with this top quality product, Enagic INC want to focus about user experiences, because we love to make our customer be healthier, wealthier. So with this kind of system, you won’t feel so stressful to push sale because what you do, you do because your love, your care of people health. And you will take back what you give.

For more infomation please kindly find our contact as below:


43 NGUYEN VAN LINH, District 7, HCM city, Vietnam

0943 389 179 (Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp)


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